True Gospel Baptist Church was organized in 1971 on Baker Rd. in High Point N.C.
There has been much prayer and labor invested through the years but the Lord has certainly
honored those  who have faithfully served Him. 

I am thankful for the pastors who have come before me and laid the foundation that remains strong today.

old church building 2

I ride by this place often to remind myself of where we came from and how blessed we are. 

old church building 1-1 

The Lord has been much better to us than we will ever deserve.
We bought the land on Coltrane Street in 1986.   We built the new building and moved in 1992.
We sold the property on Baker Rd. and it is still being used as a church.
    This old building is a cherished part of our history.
The Spirit of God manifested Himself in many ways in this church.
I'm glad the Lord doesn't look at the structure or the size of the congregation when He 
is looking for a church to bless.

Bro. Rick


nut sign

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